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    Every month
    Perfect to join all our activities
    • Free access to all our Activities
    • Access to wi-fi
    • Help to create activities that other people want to do
  • Access to all our scheduled activities

  • Access to Wi-Fi

  • Help to create activities the other people would like to do

For more information on applying for membership please fill out the information below

Membership Agreement
One Love Community Music and Arts, offers a shared, community driven space for individuals
to come in and engage in the various activities we have planned. It exists because of you and
for you. As a member, you will not just be a customer of One Love Community Music and Arts;
you’ll be an active part of what it does for you and for others.

One Love Community Music and Arts CIC, will make every effort to keep your details private
and secure, we shall not give, sell or transfer them to any one including partners, without prior
written consent. A Full copy of our GDPR is available should you wish to read it.
On payment you will be issued a Card or asked to collect it next time in bring with you then at
all times.
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Payment Terms & Options

  •  All membership payments are due on the first of each month by cash (Subject to terms and conditions.)

  • One Love Community Music and Arts CIC reserves the right to charge late fees and/or withhold services if payments are not received on time.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Should you wish to take any items you have made you are welcome to, we ask for a small donation to help us to keep the project going, we suggest £1 as a minimum. 

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